How to use Ajax to verify data on a DB ?

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hello everyone, well i want to know how to check a value if it exists or not on a Data base and capturing this without making postback (no click on a button or other control) ofcourse by using Ajax, I explain my self:I have a DB which contains a table called " TblClient" composed of the following columns:ID_Client
Tel_Clientand of course a form containing 2 textbox and a button to validate the seizure of the new customer:Box_Client
my question consists with how to make a checking of the Telephone nulber of such as of the seizure (it's mean to the moment of seizure there is a synchronization with the TblClient table which checks if this number already exists in this base or not) and not by making a postback, I know that is possible to do using Ajax, but I do not see how. can you help me to resolve this topic ??thank's a lot

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