Multiple server callbacks (NOT POSTBACKS)

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hello, I have 2 different javascript client side functions that are on timers. When the timers elapse they do a server callback and check for pending data. The first one executes perfectly by itself. The second one calls back and receives data perfectly as itself. The problem I have is that when they are both enabled they *seem* to step on each other as there is only one conduit to the server and back. So I have everything segregated up to that point. To my knowledge I only have one...Page.ClientScript.GetCallbackEventReference.... to work with. Is there any way to keep them seperate. To my thinking what would be ultimate would be to have two DIFFERENT CallbackEventReferences for each clientside javascript function to use as its own. As usuall TIA Brainiacs

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