Problem with the Update command used with a sqldataadapter

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I'm connected to a database on an SQL Server and I'm using a sqldataadapter, sqlconnection, sqldataset generated at DESIGNTIME.
I want to call the update command asociated with a sqldataadapter but I don't want to use all the parametres in the command becose I don't need to.
An sqlUpdateCommand created at DESIGNTIME look like this

this.sqlUpdateCommand1.CommandText = @"UPDATE masini SET producatoriID = @producatoriID, tip = @tip, combustibil = @combustibil, pret = @pret, [data achizitiei] = @Param2 WHERE (masiniID = @Original_masiniID) AND (combustibil = @Original_combustibil) AND ([data achizitiei] = @Original_data_achizitiei) AND (pret = @Original_pret) AND (producatoriID = @Original_producatoriID OR @Original_producatoriID IS NULL AND producatoriID IS NULL) AND (tip = @Original_tip); SELECT masiniID, producatoriID, tip, combustibil, pret, [data achizitiei] FROM masini WHERE (masiniID = @masiniID)";

Pls get me out of this mess.

And another thing. If you have some documentation on Crystal Reports (for SQL Server databases) please send me an e-mail with an attach file.

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