Request for tunning the below query

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin


Can any one help me on the below query while improving the performance,

SELECT accdet, acceprec, accinvalid, accnetanal, accphy, accvalid,
actlabcost, actlabhrs, actualcontactdate, actualfinish, actualstart,
affecteddate, affectedemail, affectedperson, affectedphone,
alteration, aslaiddwg, assetnum, assetorgid, assetsiteid,
assumptions, basedet, basereq, bicounty, bidplo, bieasting,
bihousename, bihouseno, binorthing, bipobox, bipostcode, biposttown,
bistreet, bisubb as bisupp, boostcomp, boostcompdet, ccemail, cchouseno, ccid,
ccname, cctel1type, cctel2type, cctelephone1, cctelephone2, cdm,
changeby, changedate, CLASS, classstructureid, cocontact, cocounty,
codplo, coeasment, coeasting, cohousename, conorthing, copobox,
commodity, commoditygroup, coneasereq, consent, consents,
copostcode, coposttown, costcon, costreet, cosubb, cpi90,
createworelasset, customerref, custtype, depot, description, durt,
ecvpressuretier, ecvsize, enduserid, engdifficult, exaoq, existin,
existsdq, expid, exshq, externalrecid, extralanddetail, failurecode,
fr1code, fr2code, fuelpovscheme, g17, gbna, glaccount,
globalticketclass, globalticketid, govconf, govener, govenerdet,
govhouse, hasactivity, hasld, historyflag, impact, infill,
infoprovide, inheritstatus, internalpriority, interquote, isglobal,
isknownerror, isknownerrordate, kioskdet, kioskreq, langcode,
latecertdate, leadt, lengthpri, lengthpub, loadtype, LOCATION, m25,
maindesac, mainusage, meterboxty, metercon, meterloc, meterser,
mininforec, mininforeq, mprnno, newaoq, newpid, newsdq, newshq,
np14, nrswa, nsgno, oldquotever, oldticketid, orgid, originsgn,
origrecordclass, origrecordid, origrecorgid, origrecsiteid, owner,
ownergroup, packagesent, paymethod, payterms, permittowork, physub,
pressuretier, privateexc, problemcode, propertiesno, propertytype,
publicexc, purgerel, quotedate, quotetype, quotever, reinforcement,
reinforcementa, reinforcementb, relatedtoglobal, reportdate,
reportedby, reportedemail, reportedphone, reportedpriority,
rowstamp, sc, scj, scoreq, servicerelay, sgnbillcontact,
sgnblkbyfin, sgncusttobill, sgncusttosite, sgndisreasoth,
sgneasment, sgnenhance, sgneow, sgneowreq, sgngqmvalid,
sgninfillcost, sgninfillver, sgninfprojno, sgnisstdchrg,
sgnloadnoenter, sgnmainsreq, sgnmaxaccdate, sgnnoncont, sgnpipesiz,
sgnpurord, sgnqdaysremain, sgnqstd, sgnquotdate, sgnquotval,
sgnreasdis, sgntotalaoq, sgntotalshq, sgnvarreq, sicontact,
sicounty, sidplo, sieasting, sihousename, sihouseno, sinorthing,
sipobox, sipostcode, siposttown, sistreet, sisubb, sitecond, sitegt,
siteid, sitel1, sitel2, siteplpro, sitevisit, solution, sos,
sosrecdate, SOURCE, status, statusdate, subfinal, supervisor,
supplytype, surveycarr, surveydef, surveyreas, surveyreq, surveyret,
surveysent, targetcontactdate, targetfinish, targetstart, TEMPLATE,
templateid, termtype, thirdpartyeas, thirdpartypipe, ticketid,
ticketuid, totalaoq, totalpid, totalsdq, totalshq, traffictime,
typewo, urgency, variat, vendor, customer_enquiry_ref,
quote_version, costs, mains_infill_charge, mtr_housing_kiosk_charge,
mtr_housing_kiosk_base_charge, specialist_reinstatement,
easement_charge, total_quote_ex_vat, vat, total_quote_incl_vat,
design_charge, reinforcement_charge, reinforcement_cost,
connection_allowance, workorder.pscdate, workorder.ascdate,
workorder.fincode, workorder.istask, workorder.status,
workorder.targstartdate, workorder.targcompdate,
workorder.schedfinish, workorder.actfinish, workorder.estdur,
workorder.wonum, workorder.mprn,
workorder.sihousename AS wositehousename,
workorder.sihouseno AS wositehouseno,
workorder.sistreet AS wositestreet,
workorder.sicounty AS wositecounty,
workorder.siposttown AS wositeposttown,
workorder.sipostcode AS wositepostcode, workorder.workorderid
(maximo.relatedrecord INNER JOIN maximo.workorder
ON relatedrecord.relatedreckey =
THEN workorder.PARENT
ELSE workorder.wonum
AND relatedrecord.orgid = workorder.orgid
AND relatedrecord.siteid = workorder.siteid
AND relatedrecord.relatedrecclass = 'WORKORDER')
ON sr.ticketid = relatedrecord.recordkey
AND sr.orgid = relatedrecord.orgid
AND sr.siteid = relatedrecord.siteid
AND relatedrecord.CLASS = 'SR')
ON sr.ticketid = customer_enquiry_ref
AND sr.quotever = quote_version

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