Using loop to count number of entries

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I'm writing a program that must ask user to type in numbers. After each entry, the program has to report the cumulative sum of the entries to date. The program should terminate when user enters 0.

The code:

#include #include int main() { using namespace std; char number; int count = 0; cout << "Enter a number: "; cin.get(number); while (number != '0') { ++count; cin.get(number); }; cout << "Total of " << count << " inputs.n"; system("pause"); // I'm aware that this way is very bad return 0; }

The problem is that if I enter 0, the program will say there's 0 input in total(correct).
If I type in 1 and the next number is 0, program will say there's 2 entries in total.
And if I type in 11 and 0, I get 3 entries in total.
But even more strange is that if you type 111 then 11 then 0 you get total of 7 entries.

No, the program must not show me the sum of all numbers entered, just how many entries you made, untill you typ in 0.

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