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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin


I'm writing a screen scraper application and want to be able to get absolute addresses for images from relative links.

So a link like this: Code: <img src="../e-commerce_in_a_box_small.jpg" alt="E-Commerce" width="100" height="134" border="0" /> might link to http://www.myointernational.com/furniture/e-commerce_in_a_box_small.jpg

If I am analysing a web address, I understand that the pseudo code would be something like this:Code: <?php

$string='<img src="../../e-commerce_in_a_box_small.jpg" alt="E-Commerce" width="100" height="134" border="0" />';
// we need to find the system root and replace the ../ with REAL values.

if($string contains '../'){
$number_of_them=count(the number of them);
$tmp_url=go up one level from the $url;
<img src="<?php echo $tmp_url;?>" alt="E-Commerce" width="100" height="134" border="0" />
How would I go about finding the code to make the pseudo code work?

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