Xml parsing

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I need a suggestion about parsing xml with multiply parts like pervious...
i.e. different devices has a similar configuration, but how I can discern it by device?
I've got just flat configuration for everyone device with that code, but I'm so wondering how collected cnf's via device_1,2... so on
Code: char *dev={"ip","port"};void **cnf_buf;// mem allocation for cnf_buf//whatever for(field=0;field<2;field++){ if (cur_node->type == XML_ELEMENT_NODE && (xmlStrcmp(cur_node->name, (xmlChar *)dev[field] ))== 0 ){ cnf_buf[field]=cur_node->name; }//whatever }
i.e. I want separate configuration of different devices, need an addition index by , and doubt how parsing it.

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