Dangerous tests were done on humans in this unit of the Japanese army, its story is horrifying

Posted on 4th Jan 2023 11:15 am by rohit kumar

'Unit 731' is an example of the extent to which a human being can hate another human being. The extent to which a person can be tortured is an example of 'Unit 731'. Unit 731 is an example of how a deadly experiment can be done on a human being. Now you must be thinking that what is this 'Unit 731' after all? So let us tell you that this was a lab, knowing about which the soul still trembles. 'Unit 731' has links to World War II. It was one of the most dreaded laboratories in the world.


Japanese army used to operate

'Unit 731' was created by the Japanese Army. Dangerous experiments were done on living humans in this lab. Although this lab was in the Pingfang district of China, it was operated by the Japanese army during World War II. It is also said that the Japanese army had built the 'Unit 731' lab to make biological weapons. Even today the stories of this lab create shivers in the minds of the people.


death of more than 3000

The Japanese army used to keep its enemies in 'Unit 731' and various experiments were done on them. Here dangerous viruses and chemicals were inserted into the bodies of living humans. Here people caught from countries like China, America, and Britain were used like animals. During the experiment, many people used to die in agony. During this, those who survived were also killed and they were torn apart to see how they survived. It is said that more than 3000 people were put to death for experiments here.


cold test

In Unit 731, in an experiment called frostbite testing, human hands and feet were immersed in water. After the water froze, the frozen hands and feet were melted in hot water. Through this, it was ascertained what kind of effect different temperatures have on the human body. The people of the unit wanted to know how much cold a human being can tolerate. During the experiment, people were made to stand on an icy mountain without clothes where the temperature was between minus 30 to minus 40 degrees Celsius.


Virus and Gun Fire Test

In 'Unit 731', a dangerous virus was injected into the body of humans and then their affected organs were cut off to see whether the disease spreads further or not. Many people died in this dangerous experiment, but those who survived were then subjected to a 'gunfire test'. The purpose of 'Gun Fire Test' was to find out how much damage a bullet fired from a gun can do to the human body.


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