Sachin Pilot: What will Sachin Pilot do if he does not get the post of Chief Minister? Understand the latest equation in five points

Posted on 26th Sep 2022 02:10 pm by rohit kumar

Political upheaval is going on in Rajasthan regarding the post of Chief Minister. There is a tremendous tussle going on between the Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot camp. The Gehlot camp has opened a front against Sachin Pilot. Due to this stand of Gehlot supporters, the meeting of the legislature party to be held on Sunday could not even take place.


What is the situation now?


There is a discussion going on to make Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot the national president of the Congress. Nominations have to be made for this by 29 September. Before this, the new Chief Minister is yet to be announced in Rajasthan. There has been a lot of controversy about this. Congress Legislature Party meeting was to be held on Sunday. For this, the party's high command had sent senior leaders Ajay Maken and Mallikarjun Kharge. Before the meeting began, the MLAs of the Ashok Gehlot camp took a rebellious stand.


The supporters of Gehlot reached the house of MLA Minister Shanti Dhariwal and started the meeting. After this, all the MLAs met the speaker and submitted their resignations. However, this resignation has not yet been accepted by the Speaker. All these MLAs do not want to allow Sachin Pilot or anyone from his camp to become the Chief Minister under any circumstances. The number of these MLAs is being told from 80 to 92.


What is the demand of the MLAs of the Gehlot camp?


Delegation of MLAs of the Gehlot camp reached Congress leader Ajay Maken after resigning. In this, the ministers were Pratap Khachariawas and Shanti Dhariwal. This delegation placed three demands before the Congress High Command. One demand is that after the election of the Congress President on October 19, a new Chief Minister should be elected and the proposal should be implemented only after that. Since Gehlot himself is the candidate for the post of Congress President, it will be a conflict of interest, if he is elected as the President tomorrow, will he decide on it?


The second condition was that the Gehlot camp wanted to come in separate groups instead of coming to the legislature party meeting. To this, Maken said that we have made it clear that we will talk to each MLA separately, but instead of coming to the meeting, talking in different groups is not acceptable.


The third condition was that the new CM should be chosen from among the 102 MLAs who had been loyal to Gehlot at the time of the rebellion in 2020, and not from Sachin Pilot or his group. On this, Maken said that we will tell all these things to party president Sonia Gandhi and she will decide the future after discussing with CM Gehlot and everyone.


Maken also said that Congress MLAs insisted that the resolution to be passed in the meeting should be following the above three conditions, to which we had said that never in the history of Congress has any resolution been passed with conditions.


What will Sachin Pilot do if he does not become the Chief Minister?


We spoke to senior journalist Pramod Kumar Singh regarding this. He said, “The Congress high command is currently confused. The rebel stand of the MLAs shows that they are not left with many options. At the same time, he also does not want to anger the Sachin Pilot faction. That is why there is an attempt to find a middle ground.


What can Sachin Pilot do if he is not made the Chief Minister? On this question, Pramod says, 'There can be three things about Sachin right now. However, he will also announce his decision only when the party's high command's decision comes completely.


1. Chief Minister to Pilot, Deputy CM to two to three MLAs of Gehlot camp: Congress high command can put this option in front of Ashok Gehlot. The party would like Gehlot to convince the MLAs who came in his support through this. In return, Sachin Pilot should be made the Chief Minister and two or three from the Gehlot camp should be made Deputy CM. However, given how the MLAs of the Gehlot camp are adopting a rebellious stand, it seems unlikely.


2. Chief Minister from Gehlot camp, Pilot to State President: It is also possible that seeing the displeasure of Ashok Gehlot camp, the party high command may make Sachin Pilot state president. At the same time, someone from the Gehlot camp should be made the Chief Minister. If this happens, someone from the pilot camp can also be made Deputy CM.


3. Let Gehlot remain the CM by bringing Pilot to the center: It is also possible that Sachin Pilot can be made the national general secretary or president of the party. In such a situation, Ashok Gehlot can remain the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.


4. Sachin Pilot can leave Congress and form a new party: Sachin Pilot is constantly surrounded by the MLAs of his party. It is clear from this that whatever post-Sachin Pilot gets in the coming time, he will have to face opposition from many leaders of Rajasthan. In such a situation, it may be difficult for Sachin Pilot and his supporting MLAs to stay in the party. It is possible that in this situation, Sachin Pilot may leave Congress and form a new party.


5. Join BJP: Sachin Pilot is finding it very difficult to stay in Congress at present. Legislators and leaders of their parties are continuously opposing them. In such a situation, contesting elections by forming a new party can also be a bit difficult for Sachin Pilot. In such a situation, he can join BJP. BJP is also looking for a big and bright face in Rajasthan. Sachin can be that face.


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