What is going on in the minds of farmer leaders about the government's proposal?

Posted on 22nd Jan 2021 04:02 pm by rohit kumar

Farmers' organizations held two long meetings on Thursday on the proposal of the Central Government to suspend agricultural laws.


Some farmer leaders also expressed their opinion to seriously consider the government's proposal. But in the end, the farmer leaders decided to continue the protest till the cancellation of the three agricultural laws and the legal guarantee on the MSP.


During the meeting, the intention of the government, the forward movement of the movement, and the preparations for the January 26 tractor parade were discussed. According to a farmer leader involved in the meeting, at least 10 farmer leaders said to seriously consider the government's proposal to suspend agricultural laws for a year and a half and soften the stance.


But most of the farmer leaders agreed to cancel all three laws and take legal authority of MSP and decided to stick to their stand.


Before the talks with the government on Friday, once again strict attitude has been taken from the farmers.


In such a situation, on the question of whether there is any possibility of softening from the farmers, the farmer leader Darshanpal says, "We are understanding that the government is retreating. Due to the pressure of farmers, the government has made this proposal. To move the matter forward, we have to go around canceling the laws. Then we will feel that the government is serious and then there will be some leniency from us. "


Says Darshanpal, "We want to repeal the laws altogether, they want to be suspended for a year and a half. This government proposal is like a joke for us, what will be achieved by suspending us for one and a half years? We are unable to understand why the government feels that without these laws the country will not run.


'Farmers will not back down'


It is now going to be two months to anchor the farmers on the borders of Delhi. Despite this, the number of its farmers is not decreasing nor enthusiasm. Says Darshanpal, "Not a single agitator has been forced to stop. All are sitting on their own free will, rather they are enjoying the movement."


He says, "This is the biggest movement of the last 40-45 years. Farmers from all over the country are demonstrating in unison. This movement has also given strength to the farmer's organizations and they are realizing that they have their way The chance to keep will not come again. "


Rakesh Tikait, the farmer leader of Uttar Pradesh, says, "We no longer trust the government. The question in our mind is what will we do if the government implements these laws again after one and a half years?"


Says Tikait, "After many hours of negotiations, we decided that we reject this government's proposal. If we have to run the agitation for six more months, we will run, but we will not back down."


Farmers claim


Farmers' organizations are also seeing their tractor parade going on 26 January as a chance to show strength. Farmer leaders claim that at least one lakh tractors will be on Outer Ring Road in Delhi.


In such a situation, he feels that his conversation is heavy with the government. Rajinder Singh Deep Singhwala, who is associated with the Kirti Kisan Union, says, "Right now the government is under pressure and that's why it has proposed to postpone the laws for a year and a half. The government's strategy is to take us in a jibe, but we understand this strategy of the government Are. "


Says Deep Singhwala, "Nothing will be said on what will be the stand of the government in the meeting that is going on today, but the opinion of the farmers associations is clear. We will stick to our demand."


At the same time, farmer leader Buta Singh Burjgil says, "We hope that the government will soften a bit more today. Earlier the government was saying that there is no question of withdrawing the law, now the government is saying to postpone it for a year and a half. - A little retreat will reach the cancellation of the law. "


Farmer leaders are also feeling that if accepting the government's proposal and withdrawing the movement now, it will be difficult to create such a big movement in the future.


Buta Singh Burjgil says, "We have been making preparations for this movement since May. If we go back now in the guise of the government, then such a big movement will not be able to stand in the future. The government will somehow Wants to finish


The peasant movement has been peaceful till now, but the leaders of farmers' organizations are also worried that if there is any kind of violence in the movement, then this movement will deviate from its original issue.




Buta Singh Burjgil says, "Worried enough, there is care but we are still maintaining discipline. If the government wants to disturb it, it will get it done. The farmers hope that the movement has to be kept peaceful."


Burjagil says, "If the government wants this movement to end, the only way out is to cancel the law. Nothing less than that."


The budget session of Parliament is also going to start from 29 January. Farmers' organizations hope that during this time the issue of farmers will remain hot and the government will be forced to accept their demands.


Buta Singh says, "Parliament is going to start, farmers' issues will echo in Parliament. The government will have to answer there too."


The farmers are also in talks with the Delhi Police on the 26 January parade.


Buta Singh Burjgil says, "We hope that the way to open the barricade for the tractor rally will be cleared and we will not have to break the barricade."

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