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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 01:33 pm by admin

Hi folks,

I'm getting the following error: "unexpected T_LNUMBER". I'm trying to build a dynamic table in PHP it was working great until I attempted to include a java reference in one of my links. A watered down version of the code is as follows:

Code: $apps_html = '<table>';
$apps_html.= '<tr class="tableHeader">';
$apps_html.= '<th scope="col">VIEW</th>';
$apps_html.= '<th scope="col">TITLE</th>';
$apps_html.= '<th scope="col">DATE MODIFIED</th>';
$apps_html.= '<th scope="col">STATUS</th>';
$apps_html.= '<th scope="col">EDIT</th>';
$apps_html.= '<th scope="col">DELETE</th>';
$apps_html.= '</tr>';
$apps_html.= '<tr class="tablerow2">';
$apps_html.= '<td><a href="link.php">view</a></td>';
$apps_html.= '<td>' . $var1 . '</td>';
$apps_html.= '<td>' . $var2 . '</td>';
$apps_html.= '<td>' . $var3 . '</td>';
if($var1 == 'PENDING'){
$apps_html.= '<td><a href="delete.php">delete</a></td>';
$apps_html.= '<td><a href="window.html" onclick="popUp(this.href,'200','400'); return false;"></a></td>';
$apps_html.= '</tr>';
$apps_html.= '</table>';
The document body looks something like this:
Code: <html>
<title>I hate java</title>
<?php echo $apps_html; ?>

The problem is with this line obviously:
Code: $apps_html.= '<td><a href="window.html" onclick="popUp(this.href,'200','400'); return false;"></a></td>';
Can anyone help me with the correct syntax to include java variables in my href? Thanks for your time!

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