TabControl Inside ListView Not Editing

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hello everybodyI have a ListView on my page. Inside the ListView I put a TabControl, cuz I want to put different input controls on seperate pages. The problem is that changes made by the user in the txtboxes in the tabControl are not propogated to the database. the "Bind" works 1 way, as i see the data displayed correclty. but the changes are not savedwhat needs to be done?thanks
here is the code inside the listviews edittemplate
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Page HTML:
Page HTML:

If there are similar controls that can give me the correct functionality. i would try them. maybe the accordion or the multiview? though the multiview does not have tabs as far as i know. and the accordion probably has the same problem (i am trying to get it to work, but meantime no luck.thanks you all

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