Weight Lifting Exercise Chart

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Weight lifting is a great way of muscle building, reducing body fat, and shaping your body. Before performing these exercises, you should set an exercise routine to follow strictly. Always start your weight training routine with a small warm up section, else you'll end up harming your muscles. The warm up section may include lifting light weights with gradual increase in the weights by 5 pounds or more in each progressive set of exercises.

Since our muscles can easily adapt to the exercises, you should keep adding variations to your exercises, like increasing weight or changing the frequency of repetitions. While choosing an exercise, try going for compound exercises as it enables you to lift more amounts of weight. But remember weight lifting can cause permanent muscle damage, hence it is important to perform these exercises carefully and correctly. If you are a beginner, these should be done under a physical trainer's supervision, as your trainer will be able to guide you with the quantity of weights as per your body weight and physical structure.

Weight Lifting Program Chart
Following is a weight lifting exercise chart containing a list of exercises that will help you tone your body and lose fat.

Major Muscle GroupExercise ListMajor Muscle GroupExercise ListQuadricepsBarbell Squats, Hip Belt Squats, Front Squats, Barbell Hack Squats, Dumbbell Squats, Barbell Lunges, Dumbbell Lunges, Leg Press Machine, Hack Squat Machine, Leg Extensions, Sissy Squats, Smith Reverse Lunges, Smith Machine Squats, Smith Machine Front Squats, Smith Machine LungesChestFlat Barbell Bench Press, Incline Barbell Bench Press, Decline, Barbell Bench Press, Flat Dumbbell Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Bench Press, Decline, Dumbbell Bench Press, Parallel Dips Forward Lean, Straight Arm Pullover, Dumbbell FlyesHamstringsBarbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts, Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts, Trap Bar Stiff Legged Deadlifts, Barbell Romanian Deadlifts, Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts, Trap Bar Romanian Deadlifts, Sumo Leg Press, Cable Pull Thru, Glute/Ham Raise, Leg Curls, Good MorningsBackBack Depth: Barbell Deadlifts from the Floor, Trap Bar Deadlifts, Barbell Rack Deadlifts, Barbell Rows, Dumbbell Rows, 1-Arm Dumbbell Rows, T Bar Rows, Cable Rows

Back Width: Pull Ups - palms facing away from body, Chin Ups - palms facing body, Hammer Grip Pull Ups, Jump Up Pull Ups, Jump Up Chin Ups, Rack Pull Ups, Rack Chin Ups, Lat Pulldowns, Bent Arm Pullovers, Behind the Neck Pull UpsCalvesGastrocs: Hip Belt Standing Calf Raises, Hip Belt Donkey Calf Raises, Leg Press Calf Raises, Standing Barbell Calf Raises, Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises, Standing Smith Machine Calf Raises, 1-Legged Dumbbell Calf Raises

Soleus: Seated Barbell Calf Raises, Alternating Seated Barbell Calf Raises, Seated Smith Machine Calf Raises, Barbell Squat Raises
Dumbbell Squat Raises, Smith Machine Squat Raises

Tibialis Anterior: Reverse Standing Hip Belt Calf Raises, Reverse Donkey Hip Belt Calf Raises, Reverse Standing Barbell Calf Raises, Reverse Seated Dumbbell Calf Raises, Tibia Dorsal Calf MachineShouldersOverall Shoulders: Barbell Overhead Press
Dumbbell Overhead Press, Behind the Neck Barbell Overhead Press, Seated Barbell Overhead Press, Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press, Dumbbell Parallel Grip Overhead Press, Dumbbell Arnold Press

Side Deltoids: Barbell Upright Rows, Dumbbell Upright Rows, Standing Lateral Raises, Seated Lateral Raises

Rear Deltoids: Bent Over Lateral Raises, Bench Supported Incline Lateral Raises, 1-Arm Cable Rows High PositionBicepsBarbell Curls, Alternate Dumbbell Curls, Dumbbell Preacher Curls, Barbell Preacher Curls, EZ Bar Curls, EZ Bar Preacher Curls, Incline Bench Dumbbell Curls, Lying Dumbbell Curls, Spider Curls, Concentration Curls, Cable Curls, 1-Arm Dumbbell Preacher CurlsTricepsParallel Dips No Lean, Close Grip, Barbell Bench, Reverse Grip, Barbell Bench, Parallel Close, Grip Dumbbell Bench, Lying Tricep Extension, Overhead Tricep Extensions, Pushdowns, Reverse Pushdowns, Dumbbell Kickbacks, Lying Dumbbell, Extension Behind Head, Smith Machine Reverse Grip Bench, Smith Machine Close Grip Bench, Chair Dips Cable Overhead ExtensionsForearmsReverse Barbell Curls, Pinwheel Curls, Hammer Curls, Alternate, Hammer Curls, Reverse Cable Curls, Zottman Curls, Standing Dumbbell Wrist Curls, Seated Barbell Wrist Curls, Behind the Back Barbell Wrist Curls, Seated Dumbbell Wrist Curls, Seated Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls, Seated Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curls, Seated Hammer Dumbbell Wrist CurlsTraps and AbsBarbell Power Shrugs, Barbell Shrugs, Trap Bar Shrugs, Dumbbell Shrugs, High Pin Rack Deadlifts, Swiss Ball Crunches, Hanging Leg Raises

Practicing exercises mentioned in the above weight lifting exercise chart at least thrice a week and following a balanced and healthy diet will surely bring positive results to the overall health of the person. But don't forget to take proper rest, as muscles tend to grow during the resting period. Also remember, if you experience any muscle pain while exercising, stop immediately and consult a doctor.

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