Loops and Classes

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I am making a template system and everything seems to be going well up until I have to loop in a variable where things starts to go weird. I need ideas on how to solve this.

It is not picking up variables where it changes within the loop.


Code: for ($i=0;$i<3; $i++) {
$body->loop_blocks('test_area', array(
"TEST" => $i,
"TEST2" => $test2)
It picks up TEST2 variable as it remains constant, but TEST variable remains at 0.

Code: function loop_blocks($blockname, $array = array()) {

$this->$_blockdata[$blockname . "."] = $array;

foreach ($this->$_blockdata[$blockname . "."] as $tags => $data) {
$this->_looparray[$blockname . "."] = ereg_replace("{" . $tags . "}", $data, $this->_looparray[$blockname . "."]);

return true;
$this->_looparray[$blockname . "."] is where a particular block of HTML Code needs to be repeated for a loop.

Any thoughts?

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