I face problems to extract data from one table and insert it in another one

For modifications, I have to extract data from one table and insert it in another one

At max how many columns is advisable to create in a table/view
Hi All,
I have two transaction table from which i want to create a simple view or material

data type in column definition
I create a table with column called "Direction of Travel code ".
The travel codes in t

Add_Months not Easy to Understand
Oracle is number 1, very fast and very easy. But....
OK, I think but have a problem, only 1 pro

Number Format
Hi All,

I have number '000000000050085' I want to format it to 500.85 Can any one give me

PL/SQL: ORA-00947: not enough values error message
Hi all i am getting Error(25,63): PL/SQL: ORA-00947: not enough values error message when executing

cyrillic string conversion question

First time here...

I would like to know if there is a way to convert a

Random date selection
i want to select random date with time(hour+minutes+sec) where date is specified(10/22/2009) and tim

Problem Dereferencing
With these types and tables:


am I using this for loop correctly
Dear buddies!

Right now I am generating a report with some details for all the dealers.

Need help with basic sql

I am using oracle 10g, and having some small doubts related to sql , here goes the si

Cursor statement failed with errors
Following statement failed with the errors.

cursor proj_cursor1 is (select projectID from

Revoking alter any table from a schema
Hi All,

i am working in Oracle 10g.
my requirement is to revoke all kind of DDL oper

Consuming third party Payment Gateway API from Procedure.
Hi All,

First of all i would like to thank all the people of the oracle forum for providi

query help
Hi experts.

i have a table rep2 like this

Execure stored procedure on a timer
Can someone tell me an easier way to execute a stored procedure on a timer? I am using Oracle 10g R

Casting Decimals in Oracle
This code worked as a query in DB2, but I am not sure what the syntax is for casting decimals in Ora

how to populate a drop down box
Hi buddies!

PROCEDURE DOWNLOAD_REPORT_FORM (report_name varchar) is begin DOWNLO

SQL query not working well
I made a small table with 5 rows and want to make them an sql consult using rownum

Data storage spaces in varchar2
Trying to understand what's happening.
I am selecting a value from a table that is defined as c


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