Program with calculate Meteorologic measurements

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hello I'm a beginner and I want to make a program with calculate Meteorologic measurements:
base classe - time( hour, minutes).
Derivative class - Meteorologic measurements: temperature, dampness, wind.


1. In a task must be to mould a given "real" object with a attributes as sponger class;
2.Must be compose class with a member - variables (characterizations) and a member - functions
(methods), implicational in the task;
3.The declaration and the implementation of the classes be separation in different files,
kindred to project;
4.Builder as a constructor and destructor;
5.Must be to Compose a method "Set()" for fix the characteristics of the objects;
6.Must be to Compose a method "Print()" for unsealing the characteristics of the objects;
7.Must be to Compose a methods for return of the worths of each characteristic.
If be to declarated characteristic name, age, number the methods to be defined:
GetName(), GetAge(), GetNumber();
8.Production and eliminating of objects from the class by an source to the data of the keyboard
and / Or File and check of correctness of the input files
9.To take/bring out on the outputed screen a appropriatel message, if not thesearched object
is seen;
10.To be a demonstration work of the program with proper text exemplars;
11. To make a briefly description of the defaine classes and functions;
I must to run this program on Dev-C++
I hope that there are people who will do this task. Thanks

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