ScriptManager History and Opera Issue

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I am having an issue in opera with the ScriptManager. I have a ScriptManager on a page with history enabled. On the same page i have 5 LinkButtons which update Panel content. On the OnClick event of each of these LinkButtons I set a history point.
If PageScriptManager.IsInAsyncPostBack And Not PageScriptManager.IsNavigating Then _
Me.PageScriptManager.AddHistoryPoint("Tab", "Albums")

The first click on a linkbutton fires appropriately and the history hash shows up. However concurrent clicks on any of the linkbuttons do not fire their corresponding OnClick event. It seems that as soon as the page hash shows up (#&&Tab=1) the OnClick events stop firing. I am testing with Opera 9.64.

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