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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I'm trying to build a little program to do with calculating postage. Unfortunately i haven't got a very good idea of how to use PHP, Java, or any other languages - apart from CSS and HTML -_-. If you are interested in helping..please read on!

Basically i want to make a program where i can have a drop down menu with different weights (from 100g to 5000g), and when one is chose a box will pop up indicating howmuch the postage will be, not necesserily a calculator, as i said before, but a small program with many variables.

I was thinking of maybe adding countries too - so that postage can be worked out by weight and country/continent(UK, Europe, Asia, etc).

If anyone could help by forwarding me to a tutorial, or if anyones knows of an already made script that i can edit i would be highly appreciative.

Kindest Regards

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