SQL Injection

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

In my attempts to protect my database from mySQL injection I have created another problem for myself....

Currently all user inputted strings go through this function;

Code: function cleanQuery($string)
$string = stripslashes($string);
$string = mysql_real_escape_string($string);

$string = htmlentities($string);

return $string;
In the most, its great HOWEVER... there are three fields which I would like the user to be able to enter spaces in. An "About me" field for example, if it is run through the above function the new lines are replaced with a 'r' which i assume is "created" by the mysql_real_escape.


1) Should i run the function on every user variable?
2) Is there a safe "fix" or something alternative which i can run on the three fields which may require line breaks.


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