void* and sizeof()

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin


Using void* and sizeof is it possible to get the value of the object ?

I understand that dereferencing a void pointer is not directly possible. Is there a way (like casting) or something else to get the value of the object.

The problem is I wouldn't know the type of the object to cast to, I would only know the size of the object and a void pointer to the object.

something similar to what qsort does in stdlib.h, using merely the void pointer and sizeof, I think it manages to access the object, otherwise wouldn't be able to sort it.

Below shown is an example in which inside the function f1, I am suppose to access the object.

Code: class ClassA{};//Inside f1, I have to access the value of the object that pPtr1 points tovoid f1(void* pPtr1, const int pSizeOfObj){}int main(){ ClassA objA; f1(&objA, sizeof(objA)); return(0);}Thanks,

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