AUKUS: Why didn\'t Australia and America care about France?

Posted on 23rd Sep 2021 04:48 pm by rohit kumar

The recent Ocas Defense Agreement between Australia, America, and Britain has created a stir all over the world.


Under this agreement, Australia will get nuclear-capable submarines, as well as cooperation between the three countries on intelligence, cyber, quantum, and underwater systems, will also increase. There is still a heated debate around the world regarding this agreement.


Professor Rory Mekafa, head of the National Security College at the Australian National University, told The Diplomat that the deal was in Australia's favor. It is being said that there is a big shift in Australia's policy. Its biggest impact was on France. Australia had signed a deal for 12 diesel-electric submarines with France.


The deal was worth $66 billion. But now Australia will take eight nuclear-capable submarines from the US and Britain instead of the French submarine. This agreement has been reached after intensive talks between the three countries.


The submarines that Australia will get under Ocus, are possible only after this decade. France has said about this agreement that it has been stabbed in the back.


Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has criticized the Ocas Defense Agreement. In an interview with France 24, Rudd said the dispute with France was a blow to foreign policy and national security.


question on AUKUS


Rudd said that France has the right to speak out against Australia for abruptly leaving the multi-billion dollar deal. Rudd called for a parliamentary inquiry into Prime Minister Scott Morrison's decision.


Kevin rejected Scott Morrison's argument that the Ocus is in the national interest and will help deal with China's threats. Rudd said that even when he was prime minister a decade ago, China was a big threat and a priority for him.


To deal with this threat, an agreement was made with France for the submarine. Rudd said going to the AUKUS would affect the bilateral relations between Australia and France.


Rudd said that there would be a significant delay in getting the submarine under the Ocus. He said that Australia will have to wait until the 2030s. The former Prime Minister of Australia said that Australian taxpayers have the right to know what the cost of this deal is. Rudd has appealed for a parliamentary inquiry into the entire deal.


Australia signed an agreement with France in 2016. Australia now says that according to the way China's threat has increased, French conventional submarines do not work and for this nuclear-capable submarines were necessary.


Is France liberal with China?

According to a report by France 24, in March, Australia had contacted its ally Britain and asked it to ask America to share the technology. Till now America had shared this technology only with Britain.


Brendan Sargent, head of strategic affairs at the Australian Defense University, told FRANCE 24: "There is a solid reason for leaving France and going to AUKUS. China is spreading very fast in the Indo-Pacific and has also become aggressive. After this, an opinion was formed that if we want to compete with China, then the preparation should also be done accordingly. Five years ago the atmosphere was completely different. Xi Jinping's China has surprised us all.


The sergeant said, "French submarines are not bad. We are looking towards the future. selecting the nuclear option is a wise decision. This allows Australia to respond to Chinese capability over a long and long-distance. In the challenge that is now, only a submarine equipped with nuclear capability was needed.


On the other hand, it is also being said that Britain and America are not very confident with France in the matter of China. France's approach to China is no different from that of the EU. It is also being said that France sees China as a partner, competitor, and rival. On the other hand, Australia is ready to do two hands.


The Economist's Defense Editor Shashank Joshi has written that France's attitude is very cautious about China, while America wants countries to unite against China. Macron also supported the trade deal with China in December 2020. It is being said about America that it is not happy with the EU's policy regarding China.


Robert Singh, Professor of American Politics at the University of London from France 24, said, "There has been an increase in suspicion about France in America. It seems that France is showing a lot of generosity towards China. On the other hand, America is in a different position than China. France's trade deal with China was very disappointing for the Biden administration. I believe that no matter how much annoyance France shows with the Ocus, America will not care.


Why is France angry?

Yogesh Joshi, a research fellow at the Institute of South Asian Center at the National University of Singapore, has tweeted that France's anger is not just about going back on a few billion-dollar agreements.


Yogesh Joshi wrote in his tweet, "Obviously the multi-billion dollar deal has gone out of the hands of France, but the reason for anger is bigger than this. America had not yet decided to take its technology to the market.


"It is possible that it may be implemented after the Ocus and also in military technology. This is a signal to the whole world that it will not be bound by its commitment to regional stability. After this, there will be more defense agreements in the Indo-Pacific to face China. In such a situation, the rest of the countries of the quad will also look towards American technology. This will affect the French defense market.


So far, France was looking very aggressive about the Ocus. He had withdrawn his ambassadors from Australia and France. It was being said in the French media that Biden was trying to talk to the French President on the phone but Macron was not getting ready. Finally, Macron and President Biden held talks on Wednesday. Now France has said that by next week its ambassador will go back to America.


Macron's office has said that after talks with President Biden, the government has decided to send the ambassador to the US. Just last week, France withdrew its ambassador.

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