Mouseover to edit (Ajax)
hi friends, can anyone help with the code behind to get this application working, please in VB (new

How to refresh a parent page from a modal popup
Hi,I have a modal popup in which I need to upload a file and store in the database should give a mes

Display data returned from Ajaxservices!!
I have a question about displaying results using ajax. I have part of the code below.

Creating a custom API
I'm creating a site, and I need to create a basic API. Unfortunately I have no idea where to start.

Developing Ajax-enabled ASP.Net applications for the iPhone
I would like to develop Ajax web applications using Visual Studio that are optimized for the iPhone.

newbie question
Hi out thereIm totaly new in this forum and to .net and vb so here is a totaly newbie question.I wan

How to write on database when a link is clicked?
Hi, I have a list of products in a gridview. When the link is clicked currently it takes to an ext

how to validate date using javascript
I need to validate date in textbox using javascript..
The date is must be not greater than TODAY

I need to make it so that a page can only be loaded when a button is clicked on a specific page. I d

Format String help
I have a textbox where a person enters an application number. the application number is 10 characte

Dynamic Data + Sql Server 2005 Enterprise?
Hi! I have just started to learn ASP.NET, and it looks like it is quite a lot to learn. Im not reall

Best way to read this text file.
Hi.I am planning to make a small application in C# to convert the players from Football manager 2010

Displaying different page content, depending on the logged in user.
Hi all, I am new to (and web development in general), and have a question about how I can di

The type or namespace name 'ServiceModel' does not exist in the namespace 'System'
When I locally run the website, it works just fine, but when I uploaded it to the hosting environmen

Show message after entering data
Hello Colleagues

I would like to display messages after entering the data example: "

Need Reporting Advice
My SQL server doesn't support MS SQL reporting services that comes with SQL Enterprise or Express. T

Stopping page post back
I have few literal contriols in my page and a repeater too. But inspite of using update panel, postb

TinyMCE / Ajax Postback Problem
Hiya all,

I have a page which loads the TinyMCE editor. On the postback I obviously want to f

Security Exception on pages using AJAX
I am getting the exception: attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy on

MySQL Does not UPDATE- SQLString Problem
vb Syntax (Toggle Plain Text) 1. SQL = "UPDATE sampletable SET column1 = 'C1sample1'"


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