Mysterious Timeouts
I've deployed a few simple AJAX-enabled web page to a local server that is accessed through the Inte

RadioButtonList data selection
view plaincopy to clipboardprint?

ScriptManager History and Opera Issue
I am having an issue in opera with the ScriptManager. I have a ScriptManager on a page with history

Modal Popup Help
Hi guys, I have a modal popup with an iframe. How can i send data from a label or textbox to the ifr

* Gridview and Detailsview in UpdatePanel, insert mode problem
I have a GridView and DetailsView working together. When a record from Gridview is selected, Detail

Images outside webroot
Im hopeing someone can help me with this because i cant figure it out.I have setup an ASP.NET websit

Timer control causing error
I recently decided to add a timer control to an existing page that uses AJAX on my site. As soon as

Pop-up Banner
Hello Friends,I need to use banner in our client site.Example: if i enter this site

GMail like Chat in ASP.NET
Hi,Can anyone suggest me, how to incorporate GMail like chat in my existing ASP.Net application.I wa

ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock Issue
This is what I haveview plaincopy to clipboardprint?Protected Sub posrback_Click(ByVal sender As Obj

How do I know when getBounds Method is ready to be called.
I have an application that changes out stylesheets client side. Once I change stylesheet the browse

RadioButtonList item spacing
I have a RadioButtonList and I can't put any spacing between the items. They are arranged verticall

BackButton Behaviour in AJAX
I have an ASPX Page AJAX Enabled!The page has a gridView and a DDL for filtering on it. The Gridview

Multiple server callbacks (NOT POSTBACKS)
Hello, I have 2 different javascript client side functions that are on timers. When the timers elap

How to kill asynchronous postback / current postback?
Hi,here is my problem:I have a web site with many pages of which some may take time to process resul

hello i'm amir i need a chat source code in 2.0 without Ajax. anybody can help me?

Unable to customise toolbar in FCK += new eventhandler() not works in if(!ispostback)
i want to use button.clcik event in function VIewScrap() which is called in if(!ispostback) but itdo

Trigger tag in aspx is not coming
hi all ,iam new to ajax, iam using file upload inside the update pannel but right now i want to use

Adding Outlook 2007 items via file upload
I am looking for a way to be able to attach an Outlook item (an email message) in an ASP.NET 3.5 app


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