JQuery, Masterpage, and Control issue
Hey everyone, I am using JQuery in several sites so I thought it would be best to place the library

problem with script manager
Hi iam using Net.2005.I have created ajax enabledwebsite.i have master page in which i have script m

Javascript using window.location seems to lose state
Not sure what forum so let me know if I'm in the wrong place. I have a main window with a ajax grid

Add trigger to UpdatePanel programmatically
Hi,I'm working on a website which uses AJAX and Masterpages. What I have is an AJAX UpdatePanel whi

change text color with a jQuery code
Hihow can I change the text in a asp:TextBox to a different color when I start typing using jQuery?I

Gridview Not updating in Update Panel
I have a gridview, three dropdown list boxes, and a button on my form. What is displayed in the gri

How to assign JS screen.width to ASP.Net variable
I've got this routine that gets the cookie value of the screen width, but now I need to chan

animation progress while uploading files?
Hello, i have some website form to upload few files to server. i want to put some gif animation whi

Onclick problem in Firefox
I am using a . It doesn't seem to

Sending an SMS Message with ASP.NET
Often times it may be a requirement for your web application to send an SMS message. Such examples w

ASP.NET Validation Event Cycle
I have asp button as follow:

Solution to the FindControl problem
I have seen may posts about having problems with the FindControl method. Most seem to come about bec

Progress bar for webpage
I want to implement a progress/waiting bar on my webpage - exactly the same thing that the Mi

ASP.NET 2.0 - Enter Key - Default Submit Button
Hi,One of the most annoying things in developing web pages is handling the "Enter key" for form subm

styling a RadioButtonList
HiI need to have a radio button and close to it, its lable, then a space then another set of those.

Printing a webpage
I use this to print the webpage: o

How to get exact 3 moths post date from today date using javascript
How to get exact 3 moths post date from today date using javascript
Please help

Data Function is Its Not working IN IE8
This is my first time to use formums. I hope i can get solution for this problem. view plaincopy to

Handling text changed in text box control using Ajax
I need to create a web form with a text box control. When someone types text into the textbox I nee

Problem in OnClientClick and OnClick sync
Hi,Strange and irritating problem: I have below button declaration in markup of the aspx page:


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