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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

im wondering what's the best method to do the above list:

it is for alliance @ MMORPG game

-the administrator of alliance have 10 slots for creating ranks ... each rank have it's own permissions (in total they are 9 permissions possible)
something like
rank 1 = all permissions
rank 2 = just 3 permissions from 9
rank 3 = 8 permissions
they are not single level permissions like 1 = admin , 2 = user they are like this
1 = allow to see messages, 2 = allow to kick members etc

my question is what it will be the best method to implement this ... i was thinking about something but it's space taking
create 10 columns in table for rank name and another 10 for rank permissions.
but it does seem a little messy in this way.
is there another solution ? thank you

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