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Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

I recently just installed a ssl cert and do i use https for the whole site or just for the checkout.php and cart.php and login.php files?
whats the proper way to use https?

I have 2 more questions, when a customer purchases something, a finalized photo gets uploaded to our folders, now my questions are:
what is the proper command to use when u want a php file to execute longer then 30 seconds for bigger photos and slower connection?
how can i protect that folder from other people but still be able for a customer to see the picture he uploaded in his account with out stumbling on other peoples photos with out using a db to store the pictures?
for example mysite.com/files/pictures/

Now my questions are:

Code: [Select] $query = "INSERT INTO info (fname, lname) VALUES ('$fname','$lname')";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$custid = mysql_insert_id();
$custok = mysql_affected_rows();
$query = "INSERT INTO productb (customer_id, quantity, price, total) VALUES ('$custid','$quantity','$price','$total')";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$prodid = mysql_insert_id();
$prodok = mysql_affected_rows();

if($tname1 != null){
$fname1 = $prodid . 'a' . getmimetype($ftype1);
if(@move_uploaded_file($tname1, "$updir$fname1")){

mkdir($updir, 0755);
move_uploaded_file($tname1, "$updir$fname1");

Now that's the code i use now. What im trying to do is when a customer purchases a item, he uploads a photo. Now whats the proper way to handle the photo that will be used with a shopping cart system(btw i used _SESSION to store cart info)?

How long does the uploaded fie stay in the temp directory before i have to move it, because i was thinking it can stay there until the customer pays then it can be moved with the code above.

How do i make that photo private, so only the customer sees when he logs in his account to review the order.
btw im using paypal as a payment system.

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