returning data from an ssh2_exec()

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

here's what i got.

$conn = ssh2_connect($this->_host);
ssh2_auth_password($conn,$this->_user,$this->_pass)or die("Cannot Connect");
//build command line to include this jobnumber
$command = '/usr/local/bin/ ' . $jobnumber;
//issue the command line
$stream = ssh2_exec($conn,$command);

$output = ssh2_fetch_stream($stream,SSH2_STREAM_STDERR);
echo 'what i got: ' . $output;

when this echo's i get.

Code: [Select]what i got: Resource id #7

how do i turn Resource id #7 into actual information?

Thanks in advance,

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