Coronavirus Crisis: China 'Captures' N-95 Masks, Gloves, Goggle From World Market, Now Asking For Money

Posted on 8th Apr 2020 01:39 pm by rohit kumar


Half of the world's population is struggling with the Corona catastrophe. So far 82,000 people have been killed and 1.4 million people have been infected due to this epidemic. The corona epidemic began in Wuhan city of China and there are clouds of doubt worldwide about its role. Meanwhile, there has been a big reveal about China's role in the Corona disaster.


According to the report of the American newspaper ThePoachtimes, China bought N-95, medical protective suits, goggles, disinfectants, surgical gloves, oxygen machines and medical ventilators from the worldwide market on the pretext of donation or money. All these things are very important for the treatment of patients of Corona and for doctors and paramedical staff. According to the report, Chinese authorities had purchased billions of masks and hundreds of tons of medical equipment from markets all over the world in January when the killer corona virus infection increased.

Chinese companies are also involved in this 'conspiracy' of China

That too when China is itself a major producer of these goods. Not only this, China, which exported these devices till December, stopped the export of these devices in January after the epidemic increased. Chinese companies and organizations were fully involved in this big 'conspiracy' of China. These companies bought all the goods from America, Europe, Australia and other countries and sent them to China. Many Chinese companies have asked global companies making essential items such as masks to either sell their goods to them or donate them to avoid this great disaster.


After this move of China, there was a shortage of necessary medical equipment in these countries. Since China, called the 'factory of the world', had banned the export of these products, these countries could not buy goods. Three months later, Alam is dead that Corona has come to an end from China and the world is begging at China's door to loot her home and buy rescue equipment from Corona.


Many evidences of China's 'move' are now coming out

The report said that many such evidences of China's move are now coming out. It is being told that China asked people of Chinese origin spread all over the world to buy and donate the necessary equipment for the rescue of Corona patients. An article written on the official website of the United Front Works Department of the Communist Party of China states, "(Medical supplies) keep buying continuously and keep sending it to China." Buy as much as you can. '


This department promotes the agenda of the Chinese government in western countries and within the country. It has involved Chinese students and universities. After this, the United Front Works Department appealed to the people of Chinese origin to buy medical supplies from the country in which they reside and send them back to China. Then hundreds of tons of medical supplies were sent to China from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, Australia, UAE. Not only this, the department encouraged people to bring medical supplies with them when they return to their homes in China.


On 26 January, the Chinese Consulate General in the US issued a notice urging people of Chinese origin to donate. It appealed to donate N95 masks, suits, goggles, hand sanitizers, anti-flu medicine and infrared thermometers. Later on February 27, the embassy reported that the Chinese community in Los Angeles had donated 60 tons of medical supplies. The Chinese embassy in other countries also appealed to the people for donations in a similar way.

2.46 Arab shippings reach China to rescue cartoon from Corona

According to a report by China's Customs Department, between January 24 and February 29, 2.46 billion shippings came to China to rescue the cartoon corona epidemic. Their total value is $ 1.158 billion. On March 7, China's Customs Department reported that it contained two billion masks and 25 million protective suits. This is the situation when according to the Chinese government news organization Beijing News, 50 percent of the world's masks are made in China itself. In 2019, China made 5 billion masks, 54 percent of which were medical grade masks.


In this way, China raised two billion masks from the world market in January and February or on the pretext of charity. It is half of the yearly masks produced in the world. In this whole work, the companies of China strongly supported. On March 9, China's foreign ministry itself admitted that countries that want to buy masks from China will still have problems. Now Corona has spread all over the world and China is demanding money from the whole world for these goods. After this, giving cheap stuff too.

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