New virus in china Bunyavirus spread by a spider-like creature, 60 people infected so far in China, 7 killed; Fever-cough symptoms in patients

Posted on 7th Aug 2020 01:18 pm by rohit kumar

Another virus infection is spreading in China. Its name is the SFTS virus. It is also known as the Bunyavirus. This spider-like creature spreads by tick bites. So far, 60 people have been infected with the virus in China and 7 have died. According to Chinese media, 37 people from East China's Jiangsu province have been infected with the SFTS virus in the past 6 months. Subsequently, 23 people were found infected in the Anhui province of eastern China.


Leukocyte and blood platelets fall in patients

In Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu, a woman was infected with the virus. He showed symptoms like fever and cough. A decrease in leukocyte and blood platelets was also seen in his body. He was discharged from the hospital after a month-long treatment.


Risk of infection from the patient's blood and sweat

Dr. Sheng Jifang, who works in a hospital at Zhejiang University, says the infection of the virus can spread from one person to another. Blood and sweat of the infected patient are feared by the spread of the SFTS virus. Experts say that there is no need to worry, the situation is under control.


SFTS virus not new

According to Chinese media, the SFTS virus is not new. In 2011, scientists isolated the virus. SFTS belongs to the category of Bunyavirus.


7 questions with Bunyavirus and their answers


1. What is this virus?

The virus is the cause of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome. Hence its name is SFTS virus. Being of the Bunya category, it is also called the Bunyavirus.

2. How does the virus spread?

The carrier (carrier) of the Bunyavirus is a spider-like organ. The infection spreads when the tick bites a person.

3. Infection from human to human?

According to Chinese experts, it can spread to other humans through the blood and sweat of an infected person.

4. What are the symptoms?

Fever, platelets, and the rapid fall of leukocytes are the main symptoms.

5. How much risk of death?

According to China's health agency CDC, the risk of death in up to 12%.

6. Does it have a vaccine?

No vaccine has been prepared so far.

7. How to protect?

Stay away from infected people. Do not pass through forest and shrub areas. The highest number of ticks are found in these areas.

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