change text color with a jQuery code

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin

Hihow can I change the text in a asp:TextBox to a different color when I start typing using jQuery?I have this htmlview plaincopy to clipboardprint?
  1. Required.
    1. Required.

    2. and in a css file I have
      view plaincopy to clipboardprint?.text{color:Gray;} .text{color:Gray;}
      but when I type, I want the color to change to black instead of gray. the reason whey is because the Text attribute is being initially used as the box lable "Name:" in gray, and once I give it focus, it a js file like this
      view plaincopy to clipboardprint?var $a = $("input[id$=name]"); $a.focus(function(event) { if ($a.val() == "Name:") { $a.val(""); } }); $a.blur(function(event) { if ($a.val() == "") { $a.val("Name:"); } }); var $a = $("input[id$=name]"); $a.focus(function(event) { if ($a.val() == "Name:") { $a.val(""); } }); $a.blur(function(event) { if ($a.val() == "") { $a.val("Name:"); } }); I tried the following which did not fix it.view plaincopy to clipboardprint?$("input").animate ({ color: "black" }); $("input").animate ({ color: "black" });

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