MII Trends - add data onto chart object

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 07:03 pm by admin


Can anyone please provide some thoughts on my current requirement:
its pretty basic:
I select a site(Historian datasource) search for a historian tag and then based on the selection I Trend(lets say Line chart).

Now I should select another site(historian datasource) search for a historian tag and add the tag onto the line chart along with the previous one.

so basically give user an option to select any historian data source and trend.
While i do this, i should still be able to use the in built chart properties mainly the time control - to go back and forht in time..

while I am doing this, I am also keeping a running list of selected tags in another table with the tag's other properties -like current value, Eng Units, calculation, Description, datasource.and give an option with a check box to this running list - where in user can check /uncheck the item and that removes the pen from the chart - and maintaining the chart pen color consistent with the running list's item's color(check box color - for ease of matching) - I am able to accomplish this part successfully.

I grealty appreciate if any one cane give me some ideas.on how to adynamically add tags onto the chart from multiple datasources and maintian the inbuilt properties of the line chart.

As you can see, I am almost building a product here - similar to Aspen's web21 or osi's process explorer - using MII.
any input is greatly appreciated.


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