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Header is not working in IE
Hi ! header function is not working in IE but it works in FF, Safari, Chrome. any help please. :

get url?
how do i get the url of the page i'm currently on, on my website.. i think its get header.. how do i

Problem with passing variables
I'm not really a php programmer so I'm really struggling with this issue.

I have a banner s

Find occurences of unicode characters in string
I need to prohibit filenames with everything but English characters and numbers but regexp and strin

IF Statement & Two Tables With Different Echoes
I'm retrieving two tables in a single query using UNION ALL, like so:

Code: $query = "SE

Multiple Options for a Single Page
For this example I want to use the Handlers option which is under Fed Admin and all the related codi

Not reloading page after php form submit
Hello helpful souls out there. You guys have come through for me in the recent past and I'm hoping s

single values into sql field
i have a form which i want the user to able to select multiple answers. But i want the answers to be

mod_rewrite.c on windows ??
why it's not working on windows while it's working on other hosts???

this is the code i got

filesize() returns 0
I have a socket program that runs in an infinite loop, listening for connections, in this socket I h

Table sorting

I'm trying to modify the following in order to make the output table sorted alphabeticall

login to other site by sending post variables

here is my problem: my school gave me a mail account for school-stuff use. they mail us

Cannot Connect to Database
I am writing an application to do annual reviews. I cannot get my script to work. Whenever it runs I

Multiple Options for a Single Page
For this example I want to use the Handlers option which is under Fed Admin and all the related codi

help understanding hidden input w/ php
hello i'm doing a tutorial where there are multiple forms for an edit page for a user to update thei

Date help - fetch dates for Mondays between xxx and yyy?
Does anyone know the best way to do this? I have two dates, say:

2010-01-26 and 2010-05-30

Hi All,

I think I'm finally getting somewhere with pagination!

I can now submit a quer

captcha error
I have been trying to implement a captcha in php...

here is the code..
Code: (php) [Select

Am I setting up my sites oldschool?

When I create a site I open a basic template that I have created that consists of a css f

PHP / MySQL Associative Multidimensional Array:

I have data in a MySQL Table that adheres to the below: (note, no index, could add if


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