check how many commas the variable containing the query has between [i]select[/i

Posted on 16th Feb 2014 01:33 pm by admin


iv made an sql table that contains id number - name of sql query and an sql query.
The problem is that the table contains very different querys.

On the first page you choose a query from a drop down menu.
When this is done i check if the query contains date as a parametre. if yes a date picker is desplayed.
When a date is picked the report runs when submited.

i want the results of the query to be displayed in a html table and need help to figure out how many rows the sql query output needs.
For example
select firstname, lastname from users
needs two rows and
select firstname, lastname, birthdate from users
needs three rows.

my solution is maybe to check how many commas the variable containing the query has between select and from
any one know how this can be done in php or maybe have a simpler way of solving this?

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