how to load a Sys file with system load and call images?
normally you need register the module as a service with CreateService, and start the service

Using Windows message as a Handle

I am writing one of my first multithreaded programs.

In one of the thread,

TCP Sending Unsigned Char...

I want to send over tcp/ip some data, i have the data in hexadecimal, and when i tr

Having problemswith multithreading and prime numbers
I have an assignment when I'm suppose to do the following:

Write a multithreaded Java, Pt

Firewall / visited websites logger
Hi. I have a firewall implementation and I want to log all the websites visited on the machine. S

C++ Http request?
Code: string Response = "LOGIN_UNSUCCESSFUL"; System.Net.WebRequest request = Sy

connect() succeeds but accept() does not?
Please help me with this problem. I'm working on a time-sensitive project where I'm using TCP socket

Async WSAConnect failed on XP with error code = 2 ("File not found")
Hi all,

I have very strange bug, please help me if you can.

It is reproduced o

Why does first ever HttpSendRequest take longer?
I promise this isn't as simple as it sounds. I'm wondering why the the first ever call to HttpSendRe

bind error during socket programming
i am kinda new to socket programming. wrote the below code for a server. but getting the bind error

i want run some web server under the ip sharer
hello i want run some web server under the ip sharer
my ip is floating ip but it doesnt matter

send() and recv() parameters confusion
On server Side:
int recv (Socket,Buffer, Length, Flags)
On Client Side:
int send (Soc

Binding 2 UDP sockets on same port, connected to different destinations, 1 receives
My application wants to send/recv data to 2 different UDP ports on a remote computer, us

Sending UDP Raw socket
I truly need help on this. I am trying to write a test program that simulate a network environment

InternetOpenUrl() Invalid cert
Hi all,

Does anyone know how to prevent calls to InternetOpenUrl() from failing with erro

UDP Multicast question

Im not really in the know when it comes to network related programming and activitie

Bluetooth RSSI & VIsta
Okie I got 4 Bluetooth adapters, a DBT-120 by Dlink, A Zonet Microsoft Bluetooth which is what I use

cstdatomic (c++0x std::atomic) / g++ 4.4

I'm trying to use cstdatomic (std::atomic in the upcoming c++0x standard) in g++

Deleting pointers froms vector?
Hi. I have a vector filled with pointers and I want to delete the pointers. I could do a loop and do

How to copy a part of a vector in a raw memory

How can I copy a part of a vector into a memory:



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