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In 24 hours, 44,747 cases of infection were found and 69,237 patients recovered; 586 people lost their lives; the Number of patients 75.52 Lakh

On Monday, 44 thousand 747 cases were found in the country, 69 thousand 237 patients were cured a

Coronavirus 'Transition to peak, impact reduced until February'

Discussions have intensified with Covid-19 reaching a climax in India. The epidemic reached its p

55 thousand cases occurred in 24 hours, this is the second-lowest in 54 days; 75.52 lakh cases so far

New cases of corona are steadily decreasing. On Sunday, 56 thousand 520 cases came, 66 thousand 4

Hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir not effective in covid-19 treatment: WHO

The World Health Organization has identified four drugs, including remadecivir and hydroxychloroq

Health Minister said - Festive season and increased risk of cold infection increase, the next two and a half months the most difficult; Patients crossed 74 million

The number of corona patients in the country crossed 74 lakh on Friday. So far 74 lakh 30 thousan

The peak of Corona was 30 days, then there were 98 thousand cases, now the figure is 60 thousand; 73.72 lakh cases so far

Corona has weakened in the country. Cases are coming down and more patients are recovering. In th

2 lac active cases were reduced in 27 days, the pace of new cases also decreased by about 3% in 3 weeks; 73.05 lakh cases so far

On Wednesday, 14 thousand 504 active cases were reduced in the country. It has decreased by two l

Patients crossed 72 million; In 24 hours 63 thousand infected grew, 73 thousand people recovered; Highest death of comorbid infected so far

The number of corona patients in the country has crossed 72 lakh. More than 9 crore people have b

Corona: '28 Days Can Survive Virus' on Banknotes and Phone Screen

Researchers say that the coronavirus responsible for Covid-19 disease can survive up to 28 days o

Patients crossed 71 lakh; Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said - Corona cases may increase in the cold, no idea on the emergency use of the vaccine

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said on Sunday that mild negligence in the festival and c

4 peaks occurred in 7 days of September - 97.86 thousand new cases were reported, 1.02 lakh patients were cured, death and active cases were also on top; 69.77 lakh cases so far

The number of corona infections in the country has reached 69.77 lakh. Today it seems certain to

In 24 hours, there were 69,887 cases of infection and 77,248 people recovered; 980 people lost their lives; More than 69 lakh cases in the country

The country received 69,887 cases of infection on Thursday and 77,248 people were recovered. The

Active cases declined from a peak of 10.17 lakhs to 9.01 lakhs, if this trend continues, by January one and a half lakhs will remain infected; 68.34 lakh cases so far

Once again, the number of patients recovering from new infections is high in the country. On Wedn

1.10 lakh active cases were reduced in 19 days, 24 states have more cases to recover from new cases in 24 hours; 67.56 lakh infected so far

Corona figures in the country have again given relief. On Tuesday, 71869 new cases came, 81945 pa

Active case was the lowest in 26 days, now 9.19 lakh patients, the death toll was also less than 1000 for the third consecutive day; 66.82 lakhs infected so far

There has been a tremendous decrease in the speed of corona in the country. This is an auspicious

Modi government Said, Corona vaccine will give crores of Indians

The government of India plans to bring 40-50 crore corona vaccine for 20-25 crore Indians by July

74 thousand patients increased in 24 hours, more than 76 thousand people also recovered; 902 infected died; 66.22 lakh cases so far

The number of corona patients in the country has increased to 66 lakh 22 thousand 136. It is a ma

By the time the lockdown ended, the country had lost 5,000 lives, the number of deaths increased by 1800% after unlocked.

Today the number of deaths from corona in the country has crossed 1 lakh ... and this is not just

There were 83,625 cases of infection in 24 hours and 80,419 people recovered; 1136 people lost their lives; 63.07 lakh cases in the country

The country received 83,625 cases of corona in 24 hours and 80,419 people were recovered. With th

Less than 90 thousand cases were reported for the 10th consecutive day, the number of existing patients 9.40 lakh, the lowest in the last 20 days, 62.23 lakh infected so far

80500 new cases of infection were found in the country in 24 hours and 86061 people have recovere


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