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In the last 24 hours in India, 50 thousand 488 patients were found, this figure more than the infected people in America and Brazil yesterday; 18.58 lakh cases in the country so far

The number of corona patients in the country is constantly increasing. The figure has increased t

Pune's Poonawala bets 3300 crore rupees on Oxford's Corona vaccine, Indian company Serum has vaccinated half of the world's children

Geoffrey Gitelman. Indian businessman Adar Poonawala has made big bets on the creation of the Cor

The number of infected reached close to 17 lakhs, a record over 57 thousand cases increased in 24 hours, 36 thousand people were cured, 763 died

On Friday, the figure of corona infections reached close to 1.7 million. A record of 57 thousand

Corona: Investigation of record cases of infection in the United States

There are two words in the news that is being published in the media all over the world these day

Over 54 thousand patients in 24 hours, 37 thousand people were cured, 783 lost their lives; 16.39 lakh cases in the country

The number of corona patients in the country has crossed 1.6 million on Thursday. So far, 16 lakh

A record 52 thousand 263 patients increased in 24 hours; Lockdown extended until 4 August in Tripura and 31 August in Maharashtra; 15.84 lakh cases in the country so far

So far, 15 lakh 84 thousand 384 people have been infected corona in the country. A record of 52 t

Corona in Bihar: This is the lowest test in the country; CM ordered to do 20 thousand tests daily, but the system is getting just 10 thousand

March 22, 1912, is the important date in history on which Bihar was born as a state. Between 1911

More than 49 thousand positives in 24 hours, 57% infected in Mumbai's slums; Minister also positive after CM in MP; 15.32 lakh cases so far

The figure of corona patients in the country has crossed 1.5 million on Tuesday. So far, 15 lakh

In Britain, the number of infected crosses 3 lakh, this is the third country after America and Brazil to have the highest number of deaths; 16.5 million patients in the world so far

So far 1 crore 65 lakh 36 thousand 512 infected of Coronavirus have been found in the world. The

More than 48 thousand cases increased for the fourth consecutive day, 31 thousand people were also cured, 3 thousand patients, missing in Bengaluru; 14.36 lakh cases so far in the country

The number of corona infections in the country crossed 1.4 million. On Sunday, more than 48 thous

WHO warning: Herd immunity against Covid-19 will take longer to develop, it will only accelerate after vaccine arrival

It will take a long time for herd immunity to develop against Covid-19, only after the vaccine co

More than 48 thousand Corona Positive, for the second consecutive day, 32 thousand people also recovered, 761 infected deaths; 13.37 lakh cases so far in the country

The number of infected patients in the country has reached 13 lakh 37 thousand 18. On Friday, mor

5 doctors came positive in 3 days, the doctor says - wear PPE kit bursts, the risk of infection from it

The speed of coronavirus has doubled in Uttar Pradesh. Now more than 2 thousand cases are coming

Over 48 thousand cases increased in a single day, 33 thousand people were cured, 755 died; 12.88 lakh cases so far in the country

The number of corona patients in the country has been 12 lakh 88 thousand 130. On Thursday, a rec

Corona: Remdesivir costs $ 10, then how about $ 3,000?

In May, when it was announced that a drug is proving to be effective on the patients of Covid-19,

WHO said- Vaccine is not expected to be made before 2021, Brazilian President positive for third time; 1.52 crore cases in the world so far

So far 1 crore 52 lakh 35 thousand 208 infected coronaviruses have been found in the world. Of th

In 20 days, the rate of infection in India increased by 65%, two and a half times more than the US; Now every day 20% of the world's cases are coming to us.

The cases of corona infection in the world have crossed 1.5 million. Six months ago there were le

More than 40 thousand coronavirus cases infected in India for the first time in 24 hours Community spread started in India? Know - Stage of infection and its meaning

New Delhi: Coronavirus cases are seen to be increasing rapidly in India and there are record case

In AIIMS, 10 thousand registrations were done in 10 hours; But only 100 healthy people aged 18 to 55 years are getting the vaccine

The human trials of the country's first self-vaccine vaccine starts in AIIMS Delhi on Monday. AII

In a single day, a record increase of more than 35 thousand cases, 22 thousand people were cured, 680 infected people died; 10.05 lakh cases so far in the country

The news is not good. The number of corona infections in the country crossed 1 million on Thursda


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