Why will this program not run if the variables are not global?
Hey guys I have a kind of perplexing situation that is probably simple, but I can't seem to understand something. I have this code here that is basica

how to get sn motherboard
Hello. I want to get serial number motherboard, cpu and else hardware. Can You show me samples. I edit post ;-)

Big O & time complexity ???
can you help me how to calculate the Big O & time complexity for any algorithm and c++ program please?

Taylor Series Function
So I am working a a project for my intro C++ class, and I am having some trouble with a function for approximating exp(x) using a taylor series. The t

The repetition structure: the while statement not working
New programming student, have assignment as follows: A restaurant has 4 lunch combos for customers to choose: Combo A : Fried chicken with slaw [

Bit manipulation program with binary operations
My homework is to create a program to scan in and add binary numbers and print them like so Enter a binary number: 1 sum = 1 decimal 1 hex an

pointer 102 question
I read a book 123456789101112 int main() { int i; f(&i); cout << i; return 0; void f(int *j) { *j = 100; } } I don't

temporary objects
Until now i thought every temporary object in C++ is created as constant. I'm wondering why my compiler (gcc) is reporting an error on line k.f();, bu

b+ tree
Hi can every body help me about b+ tree ?(insert & delete)

selection tool on raster image
Hi!I have to implement in my app a selection tool which lets users to select region of any shape in raster image (in graphics aplication it is called

Sequencing or queuing parallel process
Scenario is as followsThere is one parent process say P1 and 4 child processes say A B C DProcess A starts at 3:00 pm Process B starts at 3:15 pm Proc

Multithreading design
HiI have come up with a Singleton class that manages a pool of database connections. Basically the pool is a queue in which I have stored some connect

Scene graph using Direct3D?
There are several C++ scene graph based packages available for OpenGl, like say OSG,http://www.openscenegraph.org/projects/osgBut do you by any chance

Packet Design
Hi All,Im new about network programming and I want to design a protocol but I have some questions about packet desing. For example I wanna do a sturct

Redistributing dependent dlls
Hai all ,I have created an application in VC++ using VS2008 in a development machine which runs on Vista, now i need to run that application in a targ

Need help with cin setw
I made a program here is my code:#include #include #include #include using namespace std;in

how to query data from website using VC?
I want to query some datum from a website,so I need a program to read data from a .csv file, and assign the value to a text control which including in

Question about ShowWindow()
Hello....I'm struggling with sumpin, and I hope y'all can help.I've got a CFormView with a small web browser control (CWebBrowser2), that only needs t

Is STL important?
I'm just starting programming and I've made it until the Standart Template Library. But the chapter seems incredibly boring, daunting and complicated,

void* and sizeof()
Hi,Using void* and sizeof is it possible to get the value of the object ?I understand that dereferencing a void pointer is not directly possible. Is t


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