Data type mismatch
I am migrating data from algol to c.I mapped real datatype in algol to double datatype in

Writing Windows Device Drivers with C
Yes: one of the nice features of C is void*. You can put anything there and get anything out. Very

Help with translating C code into assembler code
Hi im doing a project that moves a robot around a maze avoiding walls and need some help with conver

C problem struct and string
Hi guys,

This is my first post and I'm hoping the experts here can help me solve my problem.<

UDP server recvfrom() always returns -1? :(
Hello all,
I am getting a very strange error in my code :( I am writing a server application in C

Does design fit in FPGA ?
Hi all,

I've made a large HCC-Design. Because of the program-size the compile process with th

C - Reading a file into a byte array

I'm trying to read a file into a byte array in C. I have to use C as this is for a loadru

Xml parsing
I need a suggestion about parsing xml with multiply parts like pervious...
i.e. different device

A little help in c#
i am doing a simple paint program using c# i want to draw with the mouse so i wrote the code of the

Allegro crashes when running load_bitmap. Why?
I can not get Allegro to load any BMP images. Here is a section of test code. The picture is in the

Linux socket programming
Where can I find a good introduction to socket programming?

Need help-Error istream header declaration
Hi Everyone ,

I am having issue with istream declaration. I am new to C programming.
can a

redirect standard error and assert (how to?)
How do you redirect standard error and assert?


(Why? I am creating an web app and

Problem with the Update command used with a sqldataadapter
I'm connected to a database on an SQL Server and I'm using a sqldataadapter, sqlconnection, sqldatas

Typedef struct vs just struct
Anyone know the rationale for using typedef for structs when a struct is itself a typedef? I have s

Struct/union and scope problem!
HI all , I have
Code: in header.h typedef struct Node Link; /* ---------

Problem with array max size.
Hi to everyone,
I've got a homework about filling a bidimensional array un spiral shape, I alre

Passing Arguments to execlp()
I'm writing a program that mimics a unix shell. It's supposed to take commands with arguments and ex

How can I get my program to read a larger array ??

I have this program that reads from an array to do calculations. The array are just t

MFC GUI Programming
I am working on a project right now that requires me to create a MFC Windows GUI. Basically it need


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